Hot Spots


Wellington's Wine Bar, Sausalito

It's not very often that a business card gets a double take out of me. Wellington's Wine Bar of Sausalito, Ca, Jeremy John's, however, did so.












Jeremy John
Very Important Chap....

And so he is, or at least I certainly thought so after stuffing myself with sushi and drinking some great Oregon Pinot Noir with the man. Jeremy is the kind of guy who seems to be a gate - keeper of sorts to some of the finer things in life... namely good laughs and great wine. Especially when accompanied by his "right hand" Julie Henderson.

The tandem is a blast to spend time with.

Go visit them in Sausalito at Wellington's Wine Bar. While there, take a glance around the room at all of the treasures that have been enjoyed there, and hope to find your own!







The Bounty Hunter, Napa

For the list of hot spots, this one is long over due... The Bounty Hunter  in downtown Napa. In the early 90's, Mark Pope decided to create a catalog that catered to the serious wine collector. Not only was it a hit, but it also spawned one of the best places to hang out in the downtown area of Napa. The Bounty Hunter Wine Bar and Bistro has a great selection of wines by the glass and by the flight, great beers and excellent BBQ. On top of all of that, most of what you are able to sample, you can also purchase on the spot.  Deffinetly worth a visit.













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